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      Ting Mobile Announces New Network Service Provider Agreement and Provides Updated Financial Guidance

      TORONTO, July 9, 2019 – Please be advised that Ting Mobile has announced a new network service provider agreement with Verizon. Further, Tucows has updated its financial guidance.

      Read more | Management remarks: audio?|?transcript

      Tucows releases Q&A for First Quarter 2019

      TORONTO, May 21, 2019 – Please be advised that Tucows’ Q1 2019 Q&A is now available on the Company’s web site as an audio file or as a transcript.

      Corporate Profile

      Tucows (NASDAQ:TCX, TSX:TC) is a provider of network access, domain names and other Internet services. Since 1994, the?business has pivoted and grown from shareware to wholesale domain name registration to retail domain name registration to mobile phone?service to symmetrical Gigabit Internet service via fiber-to-the-premises. Today, Tucows employs over 400 people and services millions of customers around the world.

      Ting Mobile?disrupted the US cellphone industry?in 2012, offering shockingly?fair pricing, usable interfaces and no-hold, no-transfer live customer support. About six months after launch, GigaOM included us, along with Apple, Samsung, FitBit and Waze, in The Mobile 15 as one of fifteen companies “…that are changing or could potentially change the mobile landscape.” In 2015 and 2016, we beat Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and every other provider in the annual Consumer Reports survey of US cell phone services. In just over four years, we operate on two nationwide networks, have over 200,000 active devices?and generate over 50 million dollars in annual revenue.

      Ting Internet launched in the US in 2015. In December 2015, Gizmodo listed us as one of The 6 Best Things That Happened to the Internet This Year. We are investing millions in fiber networks and partnering with small towns to change what people expect from their Internet service and their Internet service provider. We have already launched Gigabit speed Internet service in Charlottesville, Virginia, Westminster, Maryland and Holly Springs, North Carolina and we just announced that we will be coming to Centennial, Colorado.

      OpenSRS and Enom have set the standard for wholesale domain name platforms for nearly twenty years and make Tucows the second largest domain name registrar in the world. Through a combined network of over 40,000 Web companies, we manage domain names, email addresses and digital security products for millions of end users.

      Hover?makes it easy for individuals and small businesses to manage their domain names and email addresses. Our easy-to-use management tools?and extraordinary?customer support earned us top mention in Lifehacker’s Five Best Domain Name Registrars and, more importantly, regularly delights over 250,000 customers.

      Corporate Data

      • Founded 1993
      • Ticker symbol: (NASDAQ:TCX, TSX:TC)
      • Fiscal year end: December 31
      • Number of employees: ~400
      • Headquartered in Toronto, Canada
      • Merged with Infonautics, Inc. (Nasdaq: INFO), in August 2001
      • Acquired Boardtown Corporation in April 2004
      • Acquired hosted messaging business of Critical Path Inc. in 2006
      • Acquired?majority?stake in Charlottesville ISP Blue Ridge InternetWorks in 2014
      • Acquired the international wholesale domain reseller channel of Melbourne IT Limited in 2016
      • Acquired Enom in 2017
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