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      Careers / Working at Tucows

      Workstyle Philosophy
      Tucows views the employee experience in terms of all the elements that touch the employee. These elements include company programs/policies, physical space features, business processes, internal communication, technology, company social activities, and more.

      Rather than viewing these in individual silos, we believe these elements are more effectively handled in an integrated way so that they work together and reinforce each other, and are aligned with who Tucows is. We call this approach Workstyle. It’s like lifestyle but related to work—the style in which we work. Tucows’ Director of Workstyle—who reports to HR—is tasked with making this a reality.

      The goal of Workstyle is to ensure that our employees have the very best experience possible, by allowing them to focus on their work and our customers, instead of all the things that can be distracting. Ultimately we hope that this results in all of us being more productive in our work.

      We offer a fun, friendly and relaxed work environment in one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city—Toronto’s Liberty Village. Liberty Village is home to trendy bars, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops and fitness clubs.

      There is no dress code in effect at Tucows; you’re free to come to work in t-shirt and jeans. Employees can (and do) customize their workspaces and make them their own. Our unique roof-top patio is equipped with three gas BBQ’s where you will often find us lunching and socializing over a flamed broiled burger.

      Tucows understands the importance of staying healthy. Like to bike to work or go for a run at lunch? No sweat, literally, thanks to an on-site shower. We all need a pick me up in the afternoon, so we offer our employees a healthy snack at 2:00 everyday. If sports is your thing, we also have a company sponsored soccer team, and avid groups of cyclists and runners. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day isn’t good for the body, so all of our desks can be raised or lowered as you like.

      Ask anyone that works for Tucows and they’ll tell you it’s the people that make it so great. We understand that every person here has a vital role in building this company regardless of position. At Tucows we understand. We are all adults and have an open 2-way communication policy and encourage managers to speak with employees on a regular basis- we don’t believe in annual performance appraisals. Our CEO has an open door policy and encourages anyone to speak with him at any time.

      You can pick and choose how you would like to spend your free Flex Benefits dollars on benefits with our company-sponsored Health Spending Account. Tucows also offers an RRSP matching program and stock options. Should you prefer to direct some of your funds to a tax shelter rather than keep it on hand for medical purposes, up to 75% of your Health Spending Account funds can be directed to an RRSP yearly. You can also take advantage of employee discounts on various services.

      Work/life balance
      Enjoy work/life balance with a flexible schedule. Employees without a defined weekly work schedule can find the time that works for them to begin and end their work day. Need to drop the kids off at daycare early? OK. Want to stay late to accommodate dinner plans? Cool.

      Tucows employees start with three weeks vacation, ten personal days and bonus “gratitude days” between Christmas and New Years.

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